Health and Safety

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Good Habits Discusses personal hygiene such as brushing teeth, washing hands and face, showering, taking a bath, using sunblock to avoid sunburn
The Human Body My Body Describes Parts of Body and Illustrations
Keep Germs Away Washing hands, covering mouth, coughing, sneezing
Personal Hygiene 1 Sequencing Washing Hands, Eating, Cooking, similar activities
Personal Hygiene 2 Cutting Finger Nails; Sequencing of Pictures
Personal Hygiene 3 Sleeping and Waking Pictures
Personal Hygiene 4 Sequencing Showering Activities
Personal Hygiene 5 Sequencing Combing Hair; Taking Bath, Drying body with towel; wearing clothes
Personal Hygiene 6 Playing, eating, Washing hands, drying hands
Personal Hygiene and Sun Safety Overall health, safety, good/bad foods, sun protection