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Animals-Picture,Spelling, Audio, Sounds Animals Make Basic Colors-Pictures,Spellings,Sounds Vocabulary Phrases: Basic Terms, Phrases
Alphabet Flash Cards Animals Flash Cards- More Animals More Colors- Pictures, Spellings, Sounds
Eating Time Words: Utensils, Bowls, Cups More Basic Foods, Words, Spellings Pictures of Food, Spelling, and Sound
Basic Foods- Pictures,Spellings, Sounds Fruit pictures, Words, Spellings, Sounds Musical instruments-Pictures, Spelling, and Sounds
More Instruments-Pictures, Spellings, Sound More Instruments- Pictures, Spellings, Sound More Fruit Pictures; Basic Fruits, Pictures, Spellings
Fruit and Vegetable Groupings-Pictures and Spellings Nature-Pictures,Spelling, Sounds Sea Creatures-Pictures, Spellings, Saying the Words
Basic Geometrical Shapes (Circles,Squares,Rectangles,Triangles) Pictures of Land, Air, Water, Planes Vehicles Vegetables
Wild Animals